The Platform

The Whitespace Platform is the truly digital platform for the global (re)insurance marketplace. This adaptable and intuitive platform enables brokers and underwriters to offer, negotiate, place and bind (re)insurance contracts with one other, in a truly digital form, across all classes of (re)insurance business and geographies. Our customers can enjoy broking and underwriting without getting bogged down with pre and post bind administrative tasks.

Placing on Whitespace

When placing on Whitespace brokers and underwriters can:

  • Create risk submissions
  • Collaborate on contracts
  • Communicate via real-time instant messaging and video calling within the platform
  • Request and provide quotes
  • Bind, sign and endorse (re)insurance contracts digitally
  • Work on laptops, tablets, desktops and mobile phones

Adopting Whitespace:

  • Prevents rekeying
  • Avoids confusion or doubt
  • Produces an audit trail
  • Enables real time engagement with key stakeholders
  • Creates a repository of truly digital data for brokers and underwriters to use
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Whitespace has become a key component in our end-to-end digital strategy. We were an early adopter after seeing how the technology could improve the experience for our clients, markets and people. We are delighted to see so many others have since joined the platform and look forward to continuing and deepening our relationship with the Whitespace team.

James Masterton

Chairman – Ardonagh Specialty

What do we offer you?

We offer you the ability to handle complexity easily, now and in the future, in London and globally.

We give you flexibility – you gain efficiency and can maintain face to face dealings wherever and whenever you want to.

Digitisation brings huge benefits to everyone involved:

  • You benefit from the long-term advantages of efficiency
  • You are able to get rid of or ring fence legacy processes, enabling your business to leap beyond your competitors
  • The digital data can integrate with your firm's own systems easily via our API's (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Critically, other systems are able to provide data back to Whitespace, updating contracts, and performing actions such as quoting or agreeing firm orders, thus removing the problem of wasting time when waiting to enable different systems to talk to each other

Why be part of Whitespace?

It's simple: increased efficiency means greater productivity, which leads to more business for you.


Whitespace is more efficient, cost effective and global than any other electronic system trading available. Moreover it is fully independent with no reliance on third parties for governance or platform support.

Whitespace has grown and continues to grow because brokers and underwriters enjoy using the platform and see the benefits. In business it is a rare boast, but word of mouth recommendations place us at the top of everyone's wish list.

Increases in speed, accuracy, availability and quantity of in-depth data for risk analysis, all provide significant benefits whether you are a broker or a carrier. A digital connection can mean real time access to the risk placement, quicker payments and faster responses on claims. This benefits both you and your customers.

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