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The Whitespace API Documentation is a catalogue of useful API endpoints for integration with other systems.


The latest version of the Interchange Agreement which governs how our customers interact on the Platform.

Video Tutorials

The collections of videos below demonstrate the features of the Whitespace Platform for brokers and underwriters.

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Placing Contracts

Key information for brokers

The Whitespace Platform

Introduction to the Platform

Quoting and Stamps

Key information for underwriters

Broking Partners

Broker-to-broker placing is conducted through the Broking Partners system

Tagging Data

How to use Whitespace's powerful Defined Data system to tag and manage data in your contracts and templates.

Recent Updates to the Platform

Videos detailing the most recent additions and changes to the Whitespace Platform. Older videos will gradually be cycled out as new ones are created, so this Showcase will stay up to date with the most recent information.

Creating and Managing Stamps

The latest updates to the Whitespace Platform make it easier than ever to create, assign, and manage your organisation's stamps.

Contract Corrections

Brokers can now propose simple, non-substantive changes to contracts without a formal endorsement.

All video guides

All the video guides for brokers and underwriters

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