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The Whitespace API Documentation is a catalogue of useful API endpoints for integration with other systems.


The latest version of the Interchange Agreement which governs how our customers interact on the Platform.

Video Tutorials

The collections of videos below demonstrate the features of the Whitespace Platform for brokers and underwriters. For a full collection of all Whitespace video tutorials, use the links at the bottom of the page.

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Placing a Risk

This collection of videos demonstrates the placement process of open market risks on Whitespace using the browser and iOS app.

The Digitiser

Tutorials for brokers using the interactive digitiser.

Endorsements (For Brokers)

Tutorials for brokers demonstrating the creation and editing of endorsements to risks.

Facilities & Declarations (For Brokers)

Tutorials for the creation and placement of declarations via facilities.

Off-platform contracts and carriers

Tutorials for creating off-platform contracts and for recording lines on behalf of underwriters outside of Whitespace.

Underwriting a risk

This collection of videos demonstrates the process of underwriting an open market risk on Whitespace using the Browser and iOS app.

Endorsements (For Underwriters)

Tutorials for underwriters receiving endorsements.

Facilities & Declarations (For Underwriters)

Tutorials for underwriting declarations via facilities.

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The most popular broker videos

Underwriter showcase

The most popular underwriter videos

All video guides

All the video guides for brokers and underwriters

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