Whitespace In-Platform Live Chat Support

Throughout December 2023, we at Whitespace are conducting a trial for an In-Platform Live Chat Support Service for all of Broker and Underwriter users.
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Live Chat Support Contact Times

Whitespace users with any Platform queries can reach out to a member of the team using the 'Live-Chat' feature embedded within the platform from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) until December 31st.


Why use Live Chat Support?

Here at Whitespace, we are always looking for ways to evolve and improve our product and the overall platform experience for our users. We also appreciate that some matters are more pressing than others and the aim of this new feature is to provide real-time assistance to our users that may be struggling with any aspect of the platform.

We offer both Instant Messaging and Video Chat Support options, meaning our users can raise and discuss a query in a format of their choice. Our Video Chat Support also gives users the ability to share their screen and be guided to a resolution step-by-step by one of our dedicated agents.

If in the unlikely event a query cannot be resolved via our Live Chat Support, one of our agents will help you to raise a ticket with our support team, ensuring all relevant details are captured in the ticket so that it can be picked up and actioned in a quick and efficient manner.


How to access Live Chat Support

Step 1 - Simply click on the speech bubbles icon (network tab) in the top right of the Whitespace Dashboard.



Step 2 – Once you have clicked onto your network tab, you will see all Brokers or Underwriters that are online, to find your Live Chat agent, search for 'Whitespace' and select either the chat or video chat tab to connect with a member of the Whitespace team to address any queries you have.



What happens beyond 31st December?

Our In-Platform Live Chat Support has initially been created on a trial basis. The reason for this is to help us assess the demand from our users and to obtain valuable user feedback. If the new feature is well received and in demand as we hope it will be, we will look to take on board all user feedback in traditional Whitespace fashion and create a permanent Live Chat Support for that meets and exceeds our user’s expectation going forward.

So, please use the Live Chat Support feature for the remainder of December and provide any feedback by emailing –

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