Interchange Agreement

The Whitespace Platform Agreement signed by all customers contains "Schedule 7 - Interchange Agreement", which defines the shared basis by which all customers interact with each other on the Whitespace Platform. When the Platform's workflow is changed or enhanced, the Interchange Agreement may need to be amended to reflect those changes - and Whitespace publishes the amended Interchange Agreement here in order that all users have a common understanding of their interaction on the Platform.

Release 2.9, January 2023

These changes to the Interchange Agreement, and the corresponding new functionality in the Whitespace Platform which is due to be released in version 2.9 in January 2023, allow brokers and underwriters to indicate their intent to form a contract from a quote stage, and also allows underwriters to register their intent to be bound should the terms of their quote be unconditionally accepted. 


The revised Interchange Agreement, with the relevant changes highlighted


The same document, but without highlighted changes

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